we are now taking reservations for new years eve. seatings at 5PM, 7PM and 9PM. email  info@comalcvilLE.com

$70 per person

Tax and gratuity not included.

all you can eat

organic zucchini. chipile. Caramont queso Fresco. 
Salsa Verde
Hager Steak. onions. tomato. chipotle
Pozole Rojo de Pollo
Chicken. hominy. oregano. ancho. cilantro. radish
no pollo: hominy. mix vegetables. oregano.  ancho. onion.                       cilantro. radish.
Tacos de Chorizo
Homemade pork chorizo. corn tortilla.  pico de gallo.
guacamole mousse              
no carne: sub green beans
Vieras Fritas
Jumbo U10  batter fried Scallops. Pico de Gallo. Chipotle Crema.
pan-seared organic cauliflower toasted with egg. green mole 
Pescado a la Mexicana
pan-seared Chilean Sea Bass. corn. tomatoes. onions. serrano. guacamole mousse.
Camarones con Frijol molido
seared jumbo shrimp. roasted black bean mole. chile arbol.
no camarones: roasted black beans sauce. masa gnocchi. Caromont queso fresco chile arbol
Costillas al Ajillo
slowly cooked pork ribs. guajillo mole. caromont queso fresco. pan
no carne:  grilled chayote and coliflower. Caromont queso fresco. pan
Mole Negro con Pollo
slowy cooked chicken. homemade Oaxaca mole negro. avocado mousse. sesame seeds. pan
no pollo: homemade Oaxaca mole negro. masa gnocchi. green beans guacamole mousse. sesame seeds
Enfrijoladas con carne asada 
quick fried corn tortillas deep into refried black beans. hanger steak cooked MR. Caromont queso fresco. chipotle crema
no carne: potatoes. tomatoes.onion. caromont queso fresco. chipotle crema  


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